The term “holistic” has now become widely familiar for most people, even when it is applied to the field of veterinary medicine. Hence, I won’t go through lengthy explanations of what the term entails, only to detail the methods I have chosen to be trained in so far. Holistic medicine, and all the complex aspects which it encompasses, is a tortuous journey and one which may take as long as 10 years. It is a gradual development which occurs by learning and experience.

I currently practice the following aspects of Holistic Medicine:

V.O.M. Activator Chiropractic adjustment

Feel free to peruse the distinctive aspects of each Chiropractic technique, which are listed on this site. This will allow you to make an informed decision on what to choose. I have a 2-year experience with V.O.M. Chiropractic adjustments with Activators.

I have practiced Homotoxicology for a total of one and a half years. This is a branch of classical Homeopathy which uses multiple remedies to target one single symptom.

I have experience in Qi Gong, which is an ancient practice used to re-align and heal various internal systems by movement of meridians. This practice has roots in ancient Chinese culture and is often used by martial artists. It essentially allows the balancing of intrinsic life-energy, whether in humans or animals.

I will bring your pet back to a “Set Point” (or homeostasis). Due to the continuously shifting events that upset your pet’s body, this state of homestasis cannot be changeless, but it can be a catalyst for healing and working towards a normal physiological state. Ultimately, I will try to restore the “Set Point” mentioned by applying herbs or by using Homotoxicology.

  • I have 7 years experience with Reiki.
  • I have 27 years of experience in massage, not exclusively relating to animal-therapy, and Tellington touch.
  • Despite not having formal training in Acupuncture or Herbology, I will still consider it an option in necessary cases.

I will always be present during delicate phases of treatment, plans, etc

As a result, I have partnered with an acupuncture and herbalist in order to allow you complete confidence when choosing these options. We work together when determining a plan for your pet, then gather all relevant medical history and begin a physical exam on location. I encourage discussion at all times, and remain flexible regarding treatment options.

Holistic Medicine places considerable importance on patient history, course of disease and symptom, like any medical practice. I place particular attention on these details, in order to determine the best possible treatment for your pet. Every human being is unique, and animals are no different.

While I am still learning and don’t claim to be the utmost authority on holistic veterinary practices, my years of experience could not be summarised in any text. I am well versed in therapies involving ancient Eastern remedies, like, Reiki, Essential Oils and therapy involving Eastern Herbs. I also involve biofeedback, oxygen therapy, laser therapy and a wide variety of other modalities when requested, or if necessary.

Like any professional, I will refer to more expert practitioners when coming up with treatment that is unique to your pet. Communication is key to my practice, not only on the part of therapeutic experts but also on your part.